What Makes Me, Me

About Me

Sunni is an ambitious young woman who started her photography business when she was 13 years old. Just three years after overcoming a brain tumor and its repercussions at the age of 16, she is now a full-time student working around-the-clock doing what she loves… photography! Sunni provides her clients with the full-service experience that they expect from larger professional photography companies in Louisville, but at a much lower cost. Using her extensive connections with industry professionals in Louisville, she has helped a number of companies around Louisville successfully launch product lines and lifestyle blogs. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and she is a regular contributor to Today’s Media.

My Recent Portfolio

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My Philosophy


With Sunni Photography, I wanted to create a professional photography company that focuses first and foremost on the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. That means that I try to understand the unique needs of each of my clients and then provide them with more than just another set of photographs for their website or publication. My clients regularly return to Sunni Photography not just because of the quality of the photography work, but also because of the direction that I am able to provide during each of my photoshoots. I want to be able to portray a clear story with each of my photography shoots. That means having a strong understanding of exactly what my clients are looking for during each of our photography sessions.
Every photoshoot is different, and that is why I don’t provide my clients with cookie-cutter packages for their photography needs. That is also why I have taken the time to make numerous connections with local industry professionals. This includes makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion designers, and some of Louisville’s best professional models. I have also take the time to find tons of unique locations around the area that provide the perfect backdrop for any photoshoot. These tools are what sets me apart from most other professional photographers in the Louisville area. Not only can I provide my clients with the best photography their money can buy, but I can also provide them with the aesthetics that perfectly match their brand.