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Dress and Dwell Fall Lookbook Photoshoot


Fall is one of my favorite times to hold an outdoor photoshoot. The vibrant color provide such an amazing backdrop for a photoshoot.

Dress and Dwell, a New Albany boutique clothing shop, decided to coordinate with Sunni Photography to provide their Fall Fashion Lookbook. This seasonal photo shoot was located at Mount St. Francis, a nearby retreat center in Southern Indiana. You can learn more about Dress and Dwell by checking out their website HERE.


The fall greens and yellows, along with a golden sunset provided great color and contrast that complimented Dress and Dwell’s fabulous fall looks. The outdoor setting really brings out the colors in these photos, and helps to accentuate the style that Dress and Dwell wanted to highlight.


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PHOTOGRAPHER: Sunni Wigginton
CLASSIFICATION: Photography, Design, Production