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Miss Limitless Blog Photoshoot


“The Limitless Opportunity To Do Anything Is Daunting, But It Is Also The Most Rewarding. I’m Having The Time Of My Life.” — KODY CHAMBERLAIN

Megan, looking for positivity, has recently launched her blog – Miss Limitless. Her love for writing, style, and fun and beautiful things was incorporated into our photoshoot located at Anchorage Park, right outside of Louisville. Take a look at Megan’s blog HERE.


This photoshoot for Miss Limitless gave me a chance to capture some fantastic shots of Megan in a variety of settings. The area surrounding Anchorage Park has several different backdrops to take stunning photographs against. We wanted to highlight the versatility of Megan’s outfit choices by taking a number of fashion photographs in a variety of settings.


Whether you are looking for a full page spread for your fashion magazine or an amazing set of photographs for your lifestyle blog, I want to help you capture the perfect image. I put my heart into every photoshoot and I hope that you can see that in the amazing images I capture.

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Sunni Wigginton
CLASSIFICATION: Photography, Design, Production