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Today’s Woman Magazine: The Chic Street Photoshoot


An amazing sense of style makes portrait photography so much easier. That’s why Miranda’s photoshoot was such a breeze.

Miranda McDonald, who I photographed in Louisville for Today’s Woman Magazine, is a minimalist who aims to collide high fashion with real-life situations. Miranda founded The Chic Street, a lifestyle and fashion blog, in order to give herself a creative outlet to express her passions and amazing style.


We photographed Miranda in Nulu, a newly renovated area in Downtown Louisville, to match her street and everyday style. The vivid colors and diverse architecture in Nulu were the perfect place to show off Miranda’s fashion choices. You can see more of Miranda’s style by taking a look at her amazing blog HERE.


Whether you are looking for a full page spread for your fashion magazine or an amazing set of photographs for your lifestyle blog, I want to help you capture the perfect image. I put my heart into every photoshoot and I hope that you can see that in the amazing images I capture.

If you are a Louisville or Lexington company that is interested in the best photography, then lets talk. I work with photography clients of all sizes in the Kentucky area, and I’d love to help you with your next project!
PHOTOGRAPHER: Sunni Wigginton
CLASSIFICATION: Photography, Design, Production